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Running in Circles

I1: Ordeal will be given that Edith must accomplish if she decides to be anxious. Like going to the gym and running 2 miles.
I2 : If I saw resistance of Edith, I would want to do a pretend technique “fake it till you make it”. Pretend she has achieved her goal of getting out more to trigger old, preferred interaction patterns.

Goal: Help Sheri change her behavior and her subjective reality to reduce feeling of parentification.

Structural Family therapy

Goal: Increase clarity of parent – child boundaries by definining parental hierarchy while increasing Sheri’s responsibility for her choices and actions to reduce fighting and aggression.
I1: Restructuring to change the family structure. I may do this through role playing with Sheri and Edith and allow them to try out various roles in the family.
I2: Through Clarifying boundaries, I would want to adjust the unhealthy boundaries made by Roberto and Edith and enhance healthy one’s made by Edith and Sheri and Roberto and Sheri.

Goal: Increase Edith’s use of power in ways that are functional to reduce unclear boundaries of Sheri and Roberto.
I1: Assigning homework tasks of Edith to set a rule and to ensure enforcement of it if any are broken. This will increase the solidarity of her role in the family as the parental subsystem.
I2: Support, Educate, and Guide Edith through direct instruction to behave differently when with Roberto. Ex: Choose to not react when with Roberto and have a plan to cope for after she sees him.

Goals: Solve problems, Alter coalitions and alliances. Stop putting Sheri in the middle.

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