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Personal Trainer Portland: Foods To Avoid Before Working Out

If you are having a hard time finding something to eat before working out, well here are some foods that you should not eat. You do not want to eat anything that is acidic, like tomato based foods. This includes pasta sauce, tomatoes, fruit juices, acidic fruits, etc. If you have blood sugar issues, like diabetes, then there are exceptions, but if you are going to be doing resistance training or intense cardio, these types of foods and liquids may cause acid-reflux.  If you are working with a personal trainer Portland, then let them know if this type of issues are happening and let them what you ate, so they can keep track of what creates this type of reaction when you are working out.
Basically, you want to digest foods that can be absorbed by the digestive system relatively easy. Foods such as bananas, yogurt, or a nutrition bar can be very helpful when exercising.

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