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Portland Fitness Trainer: Keeping Fit During The Holidays

Well, it is that time of the year and this is when individuals gain weight,  inches multiply and body fat percentages increase. So, what is one to do to at least maintain their physique and health. The easy thing to say is to not indulge too much, eat less and exercise more. Lets be realistic, most people are not going to be doing this. One great piece of advice is to find a workout buddy or partner to keep the motivation up during this time of the year. Another great option is to try to find a fitness professional in your area and share the expense of getting some semi-private personal training. This way, you do not have to pay the individual rate for personal training, but it is shared and the cost is significantly less. Another great idea is to sign up for multiple fitness events during the next few months. If you decide to work with a Portland fitness trainer or health professional in your area, ask them if they can recommend any fitness races or events that you can participate in to offset some of those extra calories that might be ingested during this time of the year.

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