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Portland Personal Trainer: How Much Fat Intake Do You Need?

I do not want to disappoint you, but we all need FAT! Fat is essential to our diet, body functions, protection and for us to live a healthy life. We are not saying to eat a diet that is mainly composed of Fat, but your food intake should consist of 20% fat. There are good fats that you can ingest and we want you to minimize the amount of saturated fat.
You are probably saying, we need fat for protection? Yes, we have visceral fat in-between our internal organs that helps with shock absorption in case we fall or get hit by an object. The fat acts as a buffer to help protect those vital organs. In addition, we need to a certain amount of fat for our daily life functions. When our body fat gets too low, it will affect our immune system, which can result in getting sick or catching colds.
If you are having a challenging time with your food intake and you notice that a lot of your calories are coming from saturated fat, then we recommend that you keep a food journal so you can start seeing a trend in your eating patterns. In addition, if you are working with a Portland personal trainer or fitness professional, make sure you are discussing why these cravings are happening  If you are wanting an exact food plan, then consulting with a registered dietitian in your area would be the smart choice.

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