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Portland Fitness Trainer: Boot Camps, You Get What You Pay For!

If you are looking for high quality personal training, with personal attention and the utmost safety in regards to following strict form, breathing technique and working with professionals, then you probably do not want to go to a Boot Camp style of class. There are some great instructors out there that teach these classes, but it does not compare to one on one personal training or even semi-private personal training. I know cost can be a concern for some individuals, but with the injury rates so high with these types of classes and programs, the amount of time, money and emotional scarring that you will get from rehab, time lost from work and not working out, it is better to just go for the better option in the beginning. Once you develop a great fitness base and you want to go to a boot camp style of program, then that would be a better option, because you will have the proper form down, have correction bio-mechanics  breathing technique and you will not need so much supervision, versus a novice.

We are always looking out for the client, so if you want to do a boot camp style of class, make sure you have a good fitness base and know correct form before embarking on one of these. Good Luck in 2013 and make those fitness goals come alive.

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