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Personal Trainer Portland: How To Get A Fit Bottom

Here is a quick post on how to get a nice, firm buttocks. The motions that work this part of the body are hip extension and some hip abduction. The motions that are involved in this is the basic squat, basic lunge, kicking your leg back in a smooth motion and also bring your leg out towards the side, but slightly towards the back too. That is why when you see someone doing the revolving escalator stair climber at the gym, the are stepping up, but kicking the other leg backwards. By doing this, they are exercising the buttocks region to its fullest extent and with every step. If you need more information on this then ask your fitness professional or if you are here in the Pacific Northwest, ask your personal trainer Portland expert to help you come up with some basic routines to really shape up this area.

Fitness Trainer Portland

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