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Portland Personal Trainer: Finding Top Of The Line Training!

If you are in the market of finding a top of the line Portland personal trainer here in Portland, Oregon then here are a few tips that you need to take into consideration before making a decision.

Helpful Hints On Finding A Professional Fitness Expert In Your Area:

1. Make sure they are experienced in their field and have a BS Degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Physiology and/or have a recognized national certification

2. They have a good amount of years in the training industry and/or they are being mentored by a respected and veteran trainer in the Industry. When a personal trainer has a veteran trainer to look up to, ask questions and advice, they are more apt to adopt the same set of skills as this mentor, which is a huge bonus for clients.

3. Make sure that the place you are training at really specializes in personal training. There are a lot of places here in the Northwest that will want to put you in a group setting. By doing this they will make more money, the personal attention is lost, and the rate of progression is lessened than with private or semi-private training.

4. Make sure the fitness trainers actually practice what they preach. You will be surprised how many trainers let their waist line get out of control here in Northwest. There is so much great food, beer, etc., here, so sometime over indulgence can take over. Ask them how often they workout? What level of body fat percentage do they like to stay at? Lastly, have they every been really defined, because you want them to have gone through that experience so they can offer support for someone who may want those results? Having a trainer who is versatile in knowing how to change their body is crucial in our industry. If they do not challenge themselves and push out of their comfort zones, then how can they coach someone else to do the same. Ask them a lot of questions!

5. Make sure that they are not sub-contractors, but are actually employees of the place you are training at. By having an employee, their insurance will be covered by the employer and they are not there to be too sales oriented they are their to offer you the best customer service and training experience that you can have.

Good luck on finding your Portland personal trainer and please do your due diligence when you are doing your extensive research.

Fitness Trainer Portland

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