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Personal Trainer Portland: Exercising Muscles and Full Range of Motion!

Why is so important to practice full range of motion? The answer is that when you are lifting a weight, object, etc., that you want to be able to have enough strength and endurance to move that object from a dead stand still to where ever you want to move it. When you see individuals lifting weights in the gym and they are stopping half way through the entire motion, then the percentage of degrees that they do not bring the weight down, they will be weak at. Even though the person may look strong and muscle bound, technically they are not strong throughout their kinetic chain because they are not practicing exercising through a full range of motion, they are exercising at only a partial range of motion. We can understand if you are injured and you lost some of that mobility, strength and muscle girth, because you will need to rebuild everything, including the amount of movement you have around that specific joint. If you want to learn more about exercising with correct bio-mechanics and utilizing full range of movements techniques and doing it right, then contact your personal trainer Portland fitness professional in your area. Good luck and always be safe when exercising. If you have further questions or want to know if you are ready to embark on a training regimen, consult with your physician so they can do a full physical on you.

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