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Portland Person Trainer: If You Do Not Use It, You Will Lose It!

The title is very true, if you are not using what you have, you will lose it. This does not mean you will just lose it, but all of the efforts and/or positive gains that you achieved will soon wither away if you do not keep it up. For example, if you stop lifting weights, your muscles are going to atrophy and the same goes for your cardiorespiratory health. If you stop challenging the heart and lungs, then your resting heart rate is going to increase and your recover time between exercises is going to need to be increased as well. The key is too always stay active in some way shape or form. If you are having a challenging time staying motivated, then try to find a workout buddy or ask someone in your gym to give you a spot or if you can work in with them on that one machine. If you need to just kick up your routine, then you may want to consider getting a Portland personal trainer. They will not only structure your program, but they will keep you accountable and motivated.

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