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When is comes to a workout plan, most people have the bascis down.  They know it’s important to warm up and get their muscles ready for exercise. They focus on a couple muscles groups to train during their workout, and they take periodic drink breaks during the course of their training.

What’s missing? Perhaps the most important part of working out is remembering to stretch. It’s typically the forgotten aspect of training.

A personal trainer Portland recommends stretching before, during, and after your workout.  Stretching tight muscles beforehand helps achieve full range of motion and avoid any limitations they may cause during exercise.  During exercise, it’s helpful to stretch the muscle being worked to help release tension that builds up over the course of sets, as well as stretching out the opposing muscle.  For instance, if you just completed a set of TRX rows, stretching out the chest muscles will help maintain full range of motion in your following set.

Your cooldown should include stretching the muscles that have been worked.  The extensive shortening and lengthening of our muscles  creates tenderness and tightness in those muscles, which can be relieved by stretching them out and helping them return to their original state.

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