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The common belief with diets is that you have to starve yourself in order to lose weight and reach your goals.  While this is entirely unsure and unhealthy, people continue to do it.  Then they wonder why once they’re off the diet, all of the weight they have lost comes back, plus some.

As a Personal Trainer Portland, I encourage my clients to allow themselves to cheat every once in awhile.  It might sound hypocritical, but allowing yourself to have some junk food is what will help keep you on track.  We’ve even heard Jennifer Hudson mention this statement in her commercial for weight watchers.  Eating pizza, pasta, and allowing herself some dessert is what makes her lifestlye for weight loss work.

If you deprive yourself of the foods that you so desperately want to eat, what is the verdict going to be? Most likey, you’re going to want that food ever more, and in turn, you’ll over eat to satisfy your craving.

This concept doesn’t mean that bad foods should fill your day and you can eat however much you choose.  In order for this to work, it still requires portion control.  If you show up to your friend’s birthday party and there are boxes of pizza on the table, waiting to be devoured, and your mouth just waters at the sight of them, have a piece.  Fill the rest of your plate up with salad, or veggies. You’ll fulfill your craving without destroying your diet.


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