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Interval training has become a popular aspect in the fitness inductry, as well as the general public.  With many people working long hours and finding little time to work out, this an ideal way to exercise. It’s quick, efficient, and allows you time to complete the other neccessities of your day.

If interval training is so effective, wouldn’t it be great if other aspects of our life could be just the same? Your’e in luck.  Personal Trainer Portland set up interval scheduling to map out their day and keep them on track.  It allows you to see your day and the things you wish to complete in a systematic fashion.

Let me show you an example of this works.

8-9am: Eat breakfast, clean a load of laundry

9-12am: train clients

12-1:30: workout, eat lunch

2-4: blog

4-5: train clients

As you can see, if you map out your day with time intervals, tasks won’t seem as overwhelming and quickly become more manageable.  It gives you time restraints so you don’t over do it on one task, neglecting another.  With interval scheduling, we can work, play, and relax, we just have to schedule time for it.

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