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If you’ve watched the likes of American Ninja Warrior, you’ve probably become familiar with the term Parkour.  Parkour is a form of training that involves participants to use their own body and surroundings to accomplish obstacles.  These obstables can include running, climbing, jumping, swinging, vaulting, rolling, etc. The more momentum one can hold onto, the better they off performing and completing various challenges.

Personal trainer Portland believe this is a fun, and exciting way to encourage activity, especially in youth.  What draws so many people to this form of activity is that it’s playful. Kids and adults alike enjoy jumping from one platform to the next, challenging their balance and strength , and accomplishing obstacles that test their mind and body.

Parkour is an activity that encourages individuals to compete against themselves.  It’s all about being a better you, rather than being better than someone else.  It includes a great amount of variety to keep participants interested and committed to pushing their limits and finding out just what they’re capable of.  Many facilities are beginning to open up that house Parkour, to allow people to take part in this activity in a safe and controled environment.

This is a way of training that not only challenges you to use your body in variety of ways, but it also brings you back to childhood.  Swinging from ropes, climbing across monkey bars, and running up slides.  Why not give it a try and see what you’re missing.

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