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As Portland personal trainers, and trainers in general, it is often hard for us to relate to our clients in regards to their struggles and health concerns.  On the contrary to most of us, our clients don’t always enjoy exercise and are challenged with their weight. How do we as fitness professionals show our clients that we care and understand their concerns?

The answer is having empathy.  Our clients don’t want to hear us talk about how much we work out, or how much we enjoy eating healthy.  That’s not beneficial to them, nor is it something they can relate to.  Listening to them, expressing to them that cutting calories is hard, will get you farther with them than anything else.

Giving your clients examples of ways that you’ve struggled in the past and what you’ve done to defeat those struggles could make more of a difference than you think.  Letting them know that you haven’t always been fit and healthy gives them hope.  It lets them know that they have a fighting chance to be where you are, despite all of the obstacles and distractions that stand in their way.

Be a listening ear, a friend, and allow yourself to be relateable.  It will mean so much to the people you help out on a daily basis.


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