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Showing up to your workout is often coined the first step in committing to a workout plan. Sticking with your workout is another story.  It’s easy to find ways to push it back or blow off a sweat session all together.  Here are some tips from your personal trainer Portland on how to stay on track with your fitness routine and reach your goals.

1.  Put some money into it.  I know that if I sign up for a race, I’m going to be more consistent with my running because money is on the line.  Join a gym, buy a training package, or sign up for some boxing classes.  Your’e more likely to do it since you don’t want to flush your money down the drain.

2.  Wear an activity tracker.  This could include a pedometer that tracks your steps, a nike fuel band that tracks steps and calories or a heart rate monitor.  When you see your progress in print, it’s a motivating push for you to continue.

3.  Give yourself a deadline.  It mught be that you want to feel good in a bathing suit for your vacation this spring, or that you want to decrease your body fat by February.  What ever your deadline is, don’t give yourself too much wiggle room.  Plan a realistic goal and work to get it done in couple months.  If your goal is a year in the making, you’re more likely to slack.

4.  Find a workout buddy.  Waking up as the sun is rising is tough to do on it’s own, let alone to workout.  Find a friend who is struggling with the same issue.  Commit to each other that you will push each other to keep yourselves on track.  It’s easier to bypass a workout when it’s just yourself who’s counting on you.

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