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In a day and age when lifting heavy and pushing your limits is often encouraged, it’s also important to be aware of our body and any warning signs it may give us.  Bicep tendonitis is a common injury that can occur from overuse and repeated motions on a daily basis. Lets take a quick look at our bicep muscle.  Tendons attach our bicep to two places at our shoulder, and at the other end to our radius.  With bicep tendonitis, it’s common to feel pain in not only your bicep, but also in your shoulder and elbow as well.  Here are some tips if you believe you are suffering from bicep tendonitis from personal fitness Portland.  Note: it is always wise to consult with a doctor when dealing with an injury.

1.  Avoid any overhead exercises.  Exercises such as shoulder presses, pullups, and overhead throws should be eliminated from your routine until your injury has healed.  These exercises put additional strain on your tendon that attaches your bicep to your shoulder.

2.  Perform corrective exercises.  Exercises that help strengthen your arm muscles can be helpful for recovery.  Focus on using resistance bands and light weight to avoid strain on the muscle and tendon.  Rotator cuff and supported exercises can build muscle endurance and return full range of motion.

3.  Ice your arm daily.  Treat your arm with a cold compression daily with 20 minutes at a time to help reduce inflammation.

4.  Rest.  If you’re performing an exercise that hurts, discontinue it immediately.  If you find that any upper body exercise causes discomfort, the best thing to do is rest until your arm is back to normal.

5.  Perform light stretches.  Placing your palm on the wall, fingers turned away from your body, reach back with the other arm to get a nice stretch from your elbow to your shoulder.  Don’t force your body to push past what feels uncomfortable.

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