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So we see these boxers and MMA professionals just going for it on television, but can we do some of these movements when we are working out at the gym, with our fitness professional or Portland personal trainer? Of Course We Can! As long as you have some of the basic techniques and foot patterns down, boxing can be an amazing muscular endurance and cardiorespiratory exercise, especially when combined with other movement patterns. 
For example, if you are doing a series of punch routines followed by some plyometric exercises or leg movements, like a lunge! This will generate a HIIT type of workout that will be excellent at burning a vast amount of calories within a shorter duration. Caution: You just want to make sure that your are ready for such an intense workout. If you are working with a Portland personal trainer or fitness professional at your establishment, they will know if this advance exercise pattern is good for you at that time. 

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