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Adding High Intensity Workouts To Your Routines

Here is an excellent article that we just found by the top personal trainer in Portland, Oregon. This is from so please check it out. This workout involves plank exercises with dumbbells rows, dead man burpees, dumbbell chest presses on the floor with alternating leg lifts, an awesome sit up squat ply hop, etc. This is an amazing workout, especially if you want to add some variety to your existing resistance or weight lifting routine. When we were doing this blog, we decided to really concentrate on excellent information, but also on interesting and new routines. Have fun with this article and enjoy doing this workout. Click on the clink and it will direct you the article: HIIT Workout Article

Remember, if any of these exercises that are explained in this article are too difficult, you do not have to do the entire routine. You can break them up or do what you think is comfortable for your fitness level. When you are ready to take it to the next level or ask for advice, you may want to contact the personal trainer who wrote this specific article for some extra fitness tips or advice.

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