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Personal Trainer Portland: Body Fat & Its Importance

Why Having Low Body Fat is Important

In the world of business, there is a well-used saying: “What gets measured gets managed.” This is one principle that also holds true when it comes to managing your body weight and keeping off unwanted excess pounds. Calculating and keep tabs on your body fat percentage, in particular is very important.

Guidelines on Body Fat Percentage

So what’s the ideal body fat percentage, you may ask. First off, this figure does not exist, as it varies from one person to another, dependent on a number of factors such as age and gender. There is also the fact that certain people tend to perform better with slightly higher than normal body fat, so it’s a case to case basis.

To give you an idea, anywhere within the range provided below is generally acceptable:

Age                                       Gender                               Recommended Body Fat Percentage

Up to 30                            Female                                14-21%
Male                                     9-15%

30 to 50                             Female                                15-23%
Male                                     11-17%

50 and above                 Female                                16-25%
Male                                     12-19%

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