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Fitness Trainer Portland: Portland Fitness Fat Loss Tips

Fitness trainer Portland can help you lose unwanted fat belly, loose and flabby arms or legs anytime. More than that because they are certified fitness experts, they can help you understand more about what you have to do to burn more calories and lose body fat.

Body fat is not all that bad, in fact like the different body compartments that distribute and balance fluids inside ta living organism, so does body fat. Because body fat is not all about the bad body fat, it has its categories too.

1. Essential body fat: this is the amount of fat that the body needs to regulate functions and keep the system working.

2. Reserved body fat: this helps the body cope with unprecedented occurrences (accidents, injuries, hypothermia). The body only utilizes reserved body fat under extreme measures.

3. Excess body fat: This is the body fat that you do not want to have, it is a result of gaining more than the essential and reserved body fat. This is what you aim to lose when losing weight, in fact, this is the bad body fat.


Statistics show that if men has 25% more fat and women had 32% or more excess fat in their body, they are already called obese. Know how to calculate your body fat percentages and you will know just how healthy you seem to be.


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