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Portland personal trainer: Working Out In The Sun In Portland

It is almost summer time here in Portland, Oregon and that means the temperatures are going to be heating up. This means that we need to stay well hydrated on those hot summer days, especially if we are engaging in long endurance type of activities like, running, hiking and even on the river activities.

In Portland, Oregon there are going to be a lot of outside activities that we can engage in, such as, running events around the city. If this is something that you want to do and it is going to kick start your workout program, then sign up for the specific event and hire a Portland personal trainer to help. You will want to cross train so your body can get strong in various degrees and it will eliminate boredom, but also condition you so you don’t experience overuse injuries from activities like running.

In addition, when working with a fitness professional, they will also educate you on hydration and fueling your body during exercise. This becomes very crucial when the temperatures are rising and a lot of your electrolytes are being lost through perspiration and expiration. This is an excellent advantage to have and a Portland personal trainer can assist you with this.

Fitness Trainer Portland

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