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Personal Trainer Portland Oregon: Sweat, Burn Fat & Have Fun in Portland Summer!

It is summer in Portland, Oregon and that means we are going to be sweating, having fun and of course reducing those fat cells in our body so we can maintain that lean look. Even though Portland, Oregon was considered 40% obese according to the Dr. Oz show, but we can still make a big difference in improving that score. Remember, this was based on who showed up for these screenings, but it was a good indicator that showed the community that there are a lot of obese individuals in Portland, Oregon that need to improve their health.  Even though we say we are very fit city, there is a large number of individuals who do not exercise.
As professional in health, fitness and wellness it is up to us to motivate those individuals who are looking to improve their overall health & fitness and lose that unwanted fat. If motivation is the key factor that is preventing you from taking your fitness & health to the next level, then we recommend you hire a Portland Oregon personal trainer in your area.

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