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Goal: Increase Edith and Sheri’s stage by deciding where they should be and where they are stuck in to reduce maladaptive and interference in ability to function.
I1: Through process questions, help them identify their emotional responses and how to effectively manage their anxiety.
I2: Promote Impulse control and healthy judgement to envision a hopeful future after launching Sheri.


Goal: Increase Sheri and Edith’s ability to maintain emotional center in anxious moments.
I1: Analysis of ego functions and present problems to uncover healthier coping mechanisms.

Strategic Family Therapy
At first meeting, gather assessment information of family, who is the client, make appropriate referrals and manage crisis situations.
Therapeutic relationship: Develop therapeutic relationship with all member. (pay particular attention to multipartiality given divison b/w parents and children and parents)
I1: Maintain neutrality and use client language to build relationship with all members.

Assessment: Assess individual, systemic, and broader cultural dynamics. What is the role of aggression, anger,  Edith, and Sheri.

Set goals in behavioral terms so all members can agree upon.

Goal: Decrease conflict between Sheri and Edith to work toward a more loving and caring relationship.
I1: Reframe way that Edith can discuss famililial issued to understand inappropriate times to discuss family conflict with Sheri.
I2: Using Metaphor for Tasks, I would want to get Edith to understand how Sheri feels being stuck in the middle of Edith and Roberto. Tie a rope around Edith, while Sheri and  I tug at the rope simultaneously.

Goal: Decrease familial conflict of Sheri and Edith to eliminate presenting problem and change dysfunctional patterns
I1: Using Directives, I would Ask Edith to change the environment of where her and Roberto must meet to exchange Sheri. For example, at a diner or public shopping mall to increase awareness of self and decrease fights.
I2: Relabel the way Edith feels about herself and begin to reframe her subjective reality.

Working Phase
Goal: Help change Edith’s behavior of isolation, ….

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