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Portland Personal Trainer: Staying in Shape when Falls Comes

Fall is just around the corner in Portland, Oregon and that means that the weather is going to start to get cooler and then the rain will follow. The question is, how are we Portlandians supposed to stay in shape and motivated? The answer is to hire a professional Portland personal trainer.
When it starts to rain here in the Northwest, even the avid runners do not want to go out in the cold rainy weather, but would rather stay warm in their homes or beds. One of the best things you can do is keep signing up for local race events, especially with a buddy. This will not only force you to keep training during fall and winter, but you will always have a goal to train and look forward to accomplishing. If you are still having a challenging time with working out or getting motivated, then why no try partner training with a buddy of yours and have a Portland personal trainer train both of you at the same time. This will not only be a lot of fun, but it will bring the competitive spirit out in both of you.

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