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Personal Trainer Portland: That Stubborn Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be very aggravating  especially if you love to workout most days of the week. If it is a rotator cuff strain, tear or injury, it can not only hurt during the day, but it can disrupt your sleep. So what are you to do? The first thing is to go to your physician or orthopedic doctor and ask them to evaluate you to make sure it is not torn and to seek what type of treatment you can do. If it is torn, then you may need surgery, but if it is strained or you injured the area, you will probably need to go to physical therapy for a few weeks until the pain subsides and you can do some of the movements that have been painful to do prior to treatment.

When you are released from physical therapy, we would recommend seeking out a professional personal trainer who can work off the notes from the physical therapists and progress your fitness training. The one thing is you want to add into your fitness routine some extra exercises for prevention purposes. There are some exercises that you need to be very cautious with, such as the barbell bench press, close hand push-ups  dips, shoulder press, etc. If you are working with an experienced personal trainer or fitness professional, then they should have not problem devising a great workout program for you.

Shoulder injuries take a long time to heal, just like a sprained ankle. It will take weeks or even months, but if you stay diligent with your physical therapy and do the outside homework that they prescribe you, the you should have a great recuperation. If you are slacking on the outside homework, then we suggest that you hire a personal trainer in your area.

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